Design By Courtney is a design firm in the Pacific Northwest working with agencies and businesses to craft beautiful designs and interactive experiences on the web.

Think agency level results without the hoop jumping and price tags – which means quick work and pixel perfect development.


Partners in software and application development projects.

Design By Courtney collaborates with a small team of advanced software developers to create custom web applications. The result is something both complex and beautiful, built exactly to spec.

Courtney Starks

Creative Director

I am a young graphic design and web guru working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In what I create, I strive for exactness, elegance and for the composition to embody the idea it was created for. It is immensely rewarding for me to give a design life through responsive web development, and to share it with the world. At 15 years old I discovered that I possessed an innate design talent and took off at full throttle to pursue digital art and computer programming.

I love being active and out in nature – sunny skies, frolicking in the woods, the smell of rain, and sailing on deep blue oceans brings me happiness. When it’s rainy and cold out (which it often is here!), I love to curl up with a good book or jazz things up and go swing dancing!

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